Guiding Every Student to Success in College and Career

The Career College Collaborative (C3) works to mobilize counselors, building administrators, and youth advisors to accelerate Oregon's progress toward two of our state's most ambitious goals--100% high school graduation and 80% postsecondary completion. We believe that when these key adults are coordinated and equipped to engage all students, especially low-income students, on viable pathways to postsecondary and career opportunities, Oregon’s graduation rates will soar.
To advance this action-oriented mission, the Collaborative commits counseling, college access, and education research and development organizations to work together to share knowledge, build capacity, and create community for youth-involved adults across the state. The C3 website is continuously updated with the latest career and college readiness (CCR) resources, data, tools, and promising practices. C3 partner organizations bring these resources off the page through consultation and trainings, many in partnership with Oregon's public and private universities, community colleges, career and technical education programs, and professional associations. Topics include career pathways, dual credit, early indicator and interventions systems, school-community partnerships, choosing and paying for college, and building skills for college success.
C3 also convenes counselors, educators, community partners, and other career and college readiness professionals in learning sessions to share success and challenges and receive support from peers and experts. 

August 2, 2017: Reach Higher for Oregon Students: Highlights from Senate Bill 418 Funding & C3's New Look