Ordering Transcripts

When applying to colleges, many Admissions Offices request that students submit all of their academic records. This means that students will need to order and submit all college or university transcripts from courses they took for credit at their high school. Some institutions have a minimal fee for ordering transcripts, while other colleges provide this as a free service. All institutions have electronic submission of transcripts and will send official transcripts directly to the college(s) requested that they be sent to. Only the student can request college transcripts, unless they have signed a waiver for their parent or guardian (or other person) to do so.  

Remember that an official transcript has to be sealed in its original envelope to be accepted as an official transcript. If students have transcripts mailed to their home, they should not open them if they plan to have that transcript accepted as official by the college they are applying to or planning on attending. Common practice is to mail the official transcripts directly to the college or university.

Community Colleges


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