How does my credit transfer?

Dual Credit students and families want to know how their credit will transfer. This is a question that does not always have a simple answer as it is required by higher education's regional accreditation to determine whether or not to accept credits. 
When transferring credit, most Registrar or Admission Offices can handle initial student questions about dual credit transferability, but a student will not know how their credit officially transfers until the student is fully-admitted, declared their major, and is working with academic advisors at the institution.
When thinking of transferring credit, there are a couple of different ways dual credit may transfer:
  • Lower-Division Transfer – credit transfers into the student's institution of choice as a lower-division transfer credit. This credit is acknowledged by the institution and may fit within a student's degree or lower-division requirements.
  • Direct Equivalent Course – dual credit class or classes transfer as a specific course at student's institution of choice. For example: Math 111 – College Algebra from Western Oregon University transfers as Math 111 – College Algebra at the University of Oregon.
  • Degree Requirement Transfer – these courses are transferable and count toward a course needed for a student's selected degree program. For  example: Speech 111 – Public Speaking is transferred from Lane Community College to Oregon State as a direct equivalent and part of degree requirements for a Mechanical Engineering degree.
  • No Transfer – credit is not considered an equivalent transferable course.
Many state and private institutions have tools on their Registrar’s website that will assist in understanding how dual credit, AP, or IB credit will transfer. Below are links to these equivalency webpages.
Community Colleges
Central Oregon Lane Umpqua
Chemeketa Linn Benton  
Clackamas Mt. Hood


Columbia Gorge Portland  
Institution Transfer Pages and Equivalency Guides:  

Eastern Oregon University

Southern Oregon University

Oregon State University

University of Oregon

Oregon Institute of Technology

Western Oregon University 

Portland State University