Corequisite is a new approach that some education advocates are hoping to keep long term.

March 03, 2024

In the OPB story, Elizabeth Cox Brand, one of C3's founders, is referenced as one of the driving forces behind more than half of Oregon's 17 community colleges offering some form of corequisite math education in their classrooms.

How can you get involved?

Educators: Look into how you can support and share the knowledge about this new methodology and reach out to colleagues to learn how it might be working for their students already. See OPB's article here.

Parents of students: Share this information with your students so they are aware that there are changes happing in traditional education models that are helping students to do better in subjects such as math, even if they struggle through it in K-12 school years. You can read more at

Community members: Read up on Senate Bill 1552, that if passed, the directive instructs HECC to start a workgroup to learn more about corequisite best practices and how to standardize and roll out in Oregon's Community Colleges.

It takes a community to support and make positive change. Thanks for being part of that change by reading the C3 News updates!